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The Scoop on the platform formerly known as AltSpace


Cosmic Colors is a platform for activity-based creative experiences where you get to join a wide range of exclusive arts and DIY masterclasses with vetted professionals.

Range & Selection

Our workshop offer ranges from mixed-media, painting and music, pottery and woodworking, all the way to culinary-, comedy masterclasses, and overnight retreats, to name just a few examples.

Our goal is to both inspire people to include more art-based mental-wellness activities in their daily lives and empower artists to market their skills. 

Please fill out this form if you are an artist 👩‍🎨
who is looking to offer master classes.

About Us 

We are Sally & Arina 

 We want to let everyone actively exercise their self-expression instead of being just passive viewers. We couple a passion for art and a penchant for creative coaching with purpose and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

We nurture three habits:

Habit of Creative Contribution 🙌

Provide safety in self-expression

Enrich lives through creative contribution.


Habit of Connection:

Collaboration + Empathy 💜

Ground each interaction in empathy

Connect with outside perspectives

Habit of Curiosity:

Cultivate Imagination and Learning 💭

Cultivating imagination and openness

Seeking new knowledge and discovering new perspectives on how things fit together.

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